our cat is almost 18yes old for teh last 2 weeks has not stopped cryin,not sick has food ,cries at windows ,driving us

Asked by Member 1158046 on Mar 5th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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At 18 years old, with non stop crying, I would take your cat to the vet. It could be something as simple as a bad tooth, or it could be something more serious. You could go in for just an exam, I know sometimes you can go in to the vet and come out with a huge bill and they want to run every test known to man, but you can go in and ask for the cat to simply be examined thoroughly, maybe just order bloodwork? I know, my sister's cat, who was 18, she went in and they did tons of unnecessary tests on her cats and she spent over $1,000. But you can go in and have the cat examined, maybe get her bloodwork done, they can look at her teeth, see if it's a bad tooth causing her pain. Something in causing her pain, it sounds like. It could be anxiety, she could have dementia at that age, but you have to see if it's something else. Best of luck and I truly hope it is a simple fix for the kitty. Impressive...18 years old! We all hope for that for our cats.

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