Oral Treatment for Ear Mites

I take care of a small colony of feral cats in my backyard. All of them have been TNR'd and are in good health.

However, one of them has a bad case of ear mites. He will not let me get within 3 feet of him, so topical treatments are out of the question.

Are there any oral treatments for ear mites? I know that ivermectin kills ear mites when applied topically and injected. But would this work if given orally (through a medication such as Heartgard)?

This poor cat has been scratching his ear to the point where it is bleeding. So I'm desperately looking for something to help him. Catching him and taking him to the vet isn't an option either. He is nearly impossible to catch.

Asked by Member 753411 on Oct 15th 2008 Tagged earmites, feralcats in Worms & Parasites
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Unfortunately any medicines like Heartguard are going to have to be Rx'd through a vet (which by law must have done a physical exam within the last year). I'd call the vet and see what their recommendations are. We sometimes give ivermectin orally to animals but this needs to be done with the guidance of a vet as too much can be dangerous. I'm not sure that oral ivermectin will kill ear mites or not. I do know it kills other types of mites.

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