One of our 2 kitties has diarrea

Sun. I was at work, boyfriend txt me to say there was diarrhea on floor. Txt friend who works at a vet She said prob nothing but keep an eye & make sure bellies look normal & 3rd eyelid not shut. Both are eating, drinking, playing, grooming, etc
Yesterday found more diarrhea in kitchen. Not liquid not solid. One has soft poop one normal-cant seem to catch them in act to see who it belongs to
Dropped sample to vet on way to work (results tomorrow) Girl there said they’ll prob want to see both depending on results
Also (unrelated?) Sometimes female cat has strange unpleasant order coming from her bum. Today after boy got off chair I noticed wet spot. Had to lean close to smell so I assume it was drool not pee. Also girl started randomly sticking tongue out
Both are 8 mths & in perfect health when adopted. Indoor cats. No diet changes-Eat Iams kitten food & have water fountain (cleaned weekly) (sometimes notice what looks like mucus around filter when I clean)
I'm very worried about them

Asked by Peeta on Dec 18th 2012 Tagged diarrhea in Other Health & Wellness
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hi my name is lucy and i am a veterinary doctor sounds like your cat might be drooling because its showing affection and its best to go to your local vet

Scruffy answered on 12/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


These all really sound like symptoms that are best diagnosed by a vet. You're doing the right thing in checking their food and water and noting their behaviors - you might even want to track it in a journal for a few days so you can share the info with the vet.

Any of the symptoms could be minor, but they also could indicate an illness, and catching it sooner than later may be cheaper in the long run - as well as potentially the difference between life and death (or at least serious illness) for your kitties. Sometimes just changing food can help, but a vet will have better and more specific suggestions than you'll find in a forum.

Best wishes and hope they get a clean bill of health!

Member 1140346 answered on 12/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer