Not sure what breed(s) my cat is?

I got a black on black bengal from a breeder when she was pregnant. He said the father was a pure bengal, I'm assuming just a basic coat pattern on him. One of the kittens I kept has an odd coat. He has the markings of a siamese, but also has spots like a bengal. He also has the physical features of a bengal. So, was the father NOT a bengal, or is it just from the mother being solid black?

Asked by Member 1079837 on Dec 26th 2011 in Breeds
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♔Jeepurrs Creepurrs♔

I would suspect that the father was a bengal. Your siamese - appearing kitten is classified as a "snow" or, more correctly a seal lynx. This kitten should have light green or blue/aqua eyes depending on the type of seal lynx in its background.
Possibly the father was a "snow" - or maybe the mother has a snow parent.

♔Jeepurrs Creepurrs♔ answered on 12/26/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer