Need help asap. Ask ? and so far no replies. It is regarding a 3yr old female indoor cat named Samantha, timid, shy and

My daughter at age 16 brought home a kitten, I say less then 8 weeks from a place known for not being healthy. At this time my concern was her age, however, I am a cat lover and have my own and know what it is like to be young and want a kitten. Had I known she would not take care of Samantha I would of and should of never accepted her. Reason being I am 49yrs old my son will be 18 next year and I will be moving around and bringing the cat is an impossibility (no details) if I could I would. Sarah was with Samantha from 16 to 18 on/off more off then on. I was Sam's sole take giver, her and I bonded very closely and I really feel like we are soulmates but also know how much my daughter has love for her. It is in Sams best interest to be with Sarah now instead of another year or year 1/2. Problem, Sam is with my daughter & boyfriend. For 8 days she will not come upstairs until late at night to eat and play, she cries loudly in my daughters room, spends all day & night in duck work. Help!

Asked by Member 1172863 on Jun 2nd 2013 in Health & Wellness
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I totally get where you are, I have a 19 year old with a cat, and she barely takes care of it, luckily she lives with Nana who does. I think the cat should not be with daughter and boyfriend. Sorry. That age, they are idiots, pardon me for saying, but I speak from experience. My own daughter is one when it comes to caring for her cat. THe litter box is a nightmare, she runs out of food and is like "oh well", so Nana has to do all of the caring. Yet she loves the cat, but doesn't care properly. Kids this age don't. THey dont' make sure doors are closed, cats are fed regularly, what they are fed, they have a clean home, and then the peeing problems start and they FREAK, or health problems, they have no money for a vet, cat suffers. I'm sorry, but I am ALL for taking this kitty back. She is YOUR soulmate, you cared for her, she is yours. When daughter is older and responsible, maybe then. That is what I would do.Beg daughter to take her back, please, Sam needs you.

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I completely agree with Beep. Get the cat back. The cat needs a stable home with someone responsible enough to care for her. Please get her back and advise your daughter not to get another pet until she is older and more stable and financially capable of caring for a cat. What they dont understand is that if a pet gets sick it can cost thousands of dollars in vet bills. When they are not taken care of properly they can have behavior and health issues. And if Samantha is timid and shy, she would be better off with you in a quiet home. Best of luck!

Nicholas answered on 6/7/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer