My normally sane indoor cat has lost it. He is peeing to get our attention and constantly meowing.

I expected some issues with recent events- we just moved to a new home on the first floor of a house with a porch and a large number of outdoor feral cats hanging around . Ooky has only previously lived in a 4th floor apartment. So we found out he was spraying first. He destroyed two futons, a chair, decorative pillows, and we now cover up our couch with cardboard before leaving the house. We spent a lot of money on Feliway and Rescue Remedy. He no longer seems to be spraying. No. He has learned from this process, however, that peeing on things gets him attention. Now, if we take too long feeding him in the morning he will pee right in front of us while meowing his dissatisfaction. I had taken him out on the porch when he seemed curious, via leash, two days ago. I thought it would help him. Well, as soon as we as soon as we brought him back in he meowed incessantly. He then peed in front of the door when I wouldn't let him out again. Now he wont stop meowing at the door. EVER. Help?

Asked by Member 1134200 on Oct 4th 2012 Tagged spraying, meowing, peeing in Behavior & Training
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Izadore (Izzie)

Cats do not like to have their routines interrupted or their territories messed with. If Ooky isn't neutered, this is your first step. But it doesn't prevent spraying. If Ooky hasn't been to the vet's recently, you need to take him in to be checked for a bladder infection. Set out more litter boxes for him around the places he sprays. Contact your local animal control officer (through the police department) and ask them if they can set humane traps for these feral cats. You can also contact a rescue or shelter for help. Clean up any sprays with an enzyme or oxy cleaner. If he's become an outdoor cat, in his mind, he needs to protect not only his house but his yard as well. He's scrapping with the cats out there and I fear for his safety since he's "the new kid" on the block. If they do set traps, keep him in. Outdoor cats will protest (loudly) when kept in b/c they are being kept from defending their territory. Tell the vet about his behavior. They can help.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 10/4/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer