My male siamese mix is ten months old. He has lived with us for 6 months (and is a rescue). Recently adopted a six month

Asked by Member 1185657 on Aug 15th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Angel Buddha

The way I introduce a new cat is to put the new cat in an extra large plastic dog airline crate. I put its bed in the back of the crate, the litter box in the front, & the food and water dishes between the litter and the bed. I then cover the crate except for the door. That way the new cat feels safe & secure yet both he & the resident cats can see, hear, and smell each other but not hurt each other. As the new cat gains confidence he will come to the door of the crate and show more and more interest in whats going on outside the crate. Then I start letting the new cat spend some time alone in one room with the door closed so he can get some exercise. After he's had exercise time, I put him back into his crate & let the resident cats back into the room. When you see a resident cat interacting peacefully with the new cat through the crate door & that's when you can start letting the new cat loose, supervise them at first. Socialization should go quickly with your young cats.

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