My longhair cat stopped eating regularly, why?

Asked by Member 1133184 on Sep 28th 2012 in Other Health & Wellness
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Izadore (Izzie)

Any time there is a sudden change in behavior, Catsters always suggest at least a call to the vet. Unfortunately, without a hands-on, face to fur exam, there is no way we could possible diagnose and suggest treatment for your cat over a computer. We can say that loss of appetite is one of the warning signals of health concerns. So is hiding, lethargy and of course vomiting and diarrhea. Loss of appetite is usually the first sign, though. It could be dental issues, gastrointestinal issues, or something more serious. Please call your vet for advice. Hope she's doing OK soon!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 9/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer