My kitty's name is "loco" He has Medium length hair and a poofy tail I'm worried that he could have bad heath issues.

loco was born on easter last year his mom is tabby and his dad is all black like him. But.. There brother and sister. I've heard insest cats have bad heath issues and don't live very long lives? Loco has already had eye colds in both eyes and I had to give him antibiotic's which helped but it came back. He also Sneeze's a lot and one time he was sneezing blood!loco loves to bite! And when u hold him by his scruff he doesn't stop trying to get u and he allways holds his mouth open and like a dog and pants. When I got loco he had 2 sisters they were tabby like there mom but were always mean to him even locos mother didn't really have anything to do with him. Someone help!

Asked by Loco on Nov 8th 2013 in Other Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

It was nice of you to take this cat. Yes, he was probably the runt and is a victim of the pet overpopulation problem. I would become friendly with your vet because you are correct that kitties from incest do have a host of health and genetic problems. If you treat him well, keep him inside and get him neutered, half the battle is already won. Love him and get his parents fixed (if they are not already) so that they do not have a chance to make more Locos (pun intended)!! ^_^ Happy Howli-days

Panda Bear answered on 12/17/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer