My kitty will only play with leaves and doesn't like treats?

My 7 mo old kitten will only play with leaves and doesn't like treats of any kind. I adopted her about three weeks ago and got her all these toys, plush, wand, bell ball, two scratching posts, but she ignores them all and begs to go on the porch to pick out her leaf which she then shreds all over my house. Winter is coming and then she won't have any leaves! Also she won't eat treats. I've tried giving her cat treats, cat nip, carrots, and plain raw chicken or broth, and she won't touch it. Beyond a nice rub down and sweet words, I have no way to reward her during training or after a bath or other challenging experience. How do I get her interested in toys and treats?

Asked by Member 1197857 on Nov 6th 2013 Tagged treats, toys in Other Behavior & Training
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Bezalel Tiger

If your kitten is trainable, stop the leaves and eventually she will forget about them. For safety you should not be letting her outside if there's a chance that she can bolt. Try a motorized laser light toy, wind-up mouse or the cat's meow. My cat's favorite toys have been used and chewed up band-aids (yum) and milk carton caps. In the future, spend time in the 99 cent toy section and see what she likes best; expensive is not necessarily what your kitten will prefer. A rolled up wad of paper could be her ideal toy. After age 6 months, you can try Greenies treats, in flavors like fish and poultry mixes and catnip. Finally, don't tempt kitty with people food. You should be happy that she wouldn't eat what you offered because there is little nutritional value in cooked human food for felines. You should not be bathing a cat regularly except for shows... they are not dogs and you will dry out her natural skin oils. Happy Howli-days ^_^

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