My kitten is meowing hoarsely?

When my 8 week old kitten Kiki meows, it's really hoarse and raspy. We keep clean water by her food. I'm a little concerned about her. Is that okay if she meows like that? Thanks!

Asked by Kiki on Jun 16th 2013 Tagged meowing, hoarse in Other Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

It sounds ( from your brief description) like she has an upper respiratory infection, which is kennel cough for cats. When you take her in for her kitten shots, tell the vet to check and if s/he confirms this, you'll get a bottle of clavamax to dispense and then she should be fine. If you got her from a shelter, bugs go around in there just like kids with colds in preschool. ^_^ Also, feed her a natural food like Max Kitten or Natural Choice kitten, which have no artificial colors , flavors or by-products like the grocery store brands of kitty food can...

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