My kitten has been mean since day one. She attacks, scratches, bites, hisses And charges me outta nowhere? HELP?

I got Chyna since when she was 5 or 6 wks old. She is about 12wks now. She has maintaind the same behavior. I pet her for maybe 30 seconds and then she will attack me. I will be watching tv she will raise her hair on her back and run on her tippy paws and charge me. I cant get her to stop biting, scratching and attacking me. I play with her and give her love when she allows it. Can any1 help?

Asked by Member 1039139 on Jun 29th 2011 Tagged meanhyperkitten in Behavior & Training
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Cow and Bahji

Since you got her so young (too young really, they should stay with their mama till about 2-3 months) She could have behavioral problems from being away from her mama too soon, kinda like cat-anxiety. Feli-way is a cat-calming scent you can get at pet stores that may help.
She could be also trying to rough and tumble play with you, do you play rough with her? Try to be sure to play with her using feather-stick toys and things she can hunt (flashlight beam)
How do you hold/pet her? avoid holding her like a human baby, that makes them feel unstable, keep her feet tucked in the corner of your arm close to your body and pet her by gently smoothing her cheeks/forehead back, this will put her scent on you and let her know you're her person.

Cow and Bahji answered on 6/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I second the opinion that she was too young to be taken from mama and may have resulting issues. Not having a litter mate also means she has no one but you to spend her boundless energy on or to teach her how rough she can be before she offends someone. Follow C&B's advice and when you are very gently petting her try to read her body language. If she seems to be getting tense or thrashing her tail stop petting her until she calms down. Be sure to discipline her like a mama cat and not just react like a human dealing with another human-

In your situation I might also consider getting a second kitten, especially if there are still any available from her litter. You can do your best to safely expend her playful energy with toys and teach her your limits by mimicking cat behavior, but you can't beat the learning experience of playing with another cat who will also wrestle with her all day while you're not there.

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