My female cat who is 13/12 years old has started peeing just outside her litterbox a little less than once a day. What s

She uses it for everything else, and will even go to the bathroom at any other time during the day inside the litterbox. We had one that was smaller and twice as tall, but I asked for a shorter once and we now have once thats about 6in. We have another cat that uses the litterbox as well. This issue just started a few months ago. We haven't changed her litter.. I don't think ever. No changes in her diet, either. Its usually in the morning time, as well. My grandparents are telling me this can't go on, but we've had her forever and I want to do what I can to help solve the problem for my kitty's sake. Help?

Asked by Member 1196348 on Oct 27th 2013 Tagged peeingoutsidelitterbox in Behavior & Training
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Pookie Face (in memory)

Have you had her vision checked? When Pookie did this it was because she was losing her vision from thyroid issues. Pooks trained herself to use potty pads when blind. I have two boys that sometimes miss, so I lined the floor with doggie pads. They're great because you can change them, they absorb odor and you don't have to scrub the floor. Before you spend $ on that, take her in for a senior exam to check all health angles. Nobody likes cleaning up cat pee from the floor ^_^ Happy Meow Year!

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