My DLH keeps getting poop stuck in her fur. She is being quite aggressive with me when I'm trying to get it. Any ideas??

My Layla is a very moody cat, and every so often she gets poo stuck in her fur under her tail. Usually its just a little one and she lets me pull it off, or if it's really in there good snip it out. But now she's got about 4 little ones all tangled up in fur and I'm guessing the tugging hurts, I have already been beaten up a few times today trying to get them. She is a very strong and aggressive cat on a good day, so I'm really struggling here. Anyone deal with something similar??

Asked by Member 1153437 on Feb 3rd 2013 Tagged poop, tangledfur in Other Grooming
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Delilah has the same problem, and she bites and claws when I try to comb or otherwise remove them. This is not a chronic problem with her, however, so I remove the cling-on, she bites me and a few minutes later we're best friends again. It's VERY difficult to cut cling-ons or matts out of a cat anywhere on it's body. You take a big risk in cutting their skin (been there). I found that putting less litter in her box works to an extent. I only use about an inch and a half of litter. When she goes to the vet's, I have them give her a "hygenic" or "sanitary" trim back there. The embarrassment that the cat may feel 8o) about being shaved or trimmed back there is better than having someone try to pull or cut cling-ons out.

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