Tinkerbell & Jellybean

My dad thinks Joey might have earmites.....?

My question is should i treat all my cats for earmites even though they dont have them? im not really sure if Joey has earmites or not but Dixie had earmites and the same kind of stuff/waste is coming out of his ear we have the earmite drops so is it a good thing to treate the cats for earmites?

Asked by Tinkerbell & Jellybean on Dec 8th 2011 in Medications
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Joey needs to go to the vet to make sure of exactly what it is that he has. You shouldn't treat anything without knowing what it is.

Twinkle answered on 12/9/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree that you should not assume that an ear problem is ear mites. It could be an infection and untreated infections can cause very very bad problems. However, ear mites are highly contagious. When I got Kira, she had them and I did not know. My vet treated all my cats at once because when we treated them one at a time, they just kept passing them around to each other. Luckily I only had 4 then! But until I hauled them all in at once to be treated, each time one cat got better, then somebody else got them. I also am afraid to use Ear Mite treatment that you can buy over the counter because it can be dangerous if you do not use it correctly and it somehow gets on their fur where they can lick. I had bought some when my cats had mites so I could use it over the weekend until I got to the vet but then I was afraid of the way it smelled. I took it to the vet with me and he said that if I had used as much as the bottle said, it could easily have poisoned her.

Allie answered on 12/9/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer