My Dad is over feeding my blue! What can I do?

I moved my Russian Blue, Kottin, in with my parents after moving back home to work in the family business. At the time she was only 6 months. I went back out west to clean up. When I came back she had attached herself to my dad,(you know; follows him, confids in him, ect.) which is great for his Blood pressure and such. My folks are older and not overly active. Dad always gives her treats to show her love, but now she's fat.(for a blue) In fact I had to enact a measuring cup rule after finding her vomit. They thought it was worms, but no, just too much food, I assume. I informed them about over feeding, but my Dad loves her too much?.. He still gives her treats, and she's really used to the routine. She's pretty big for a blue, fixed, is feed twice a day(plus treats, # unknown), weights 9+ pounds! What can I do. When my folks went on vacation, I started feeding her once a day, equal to the two scoops and she had plenty of food. What should I do? HELP!

Asked by Member 960636 on Feb 8th 2010 Tagged feeding, treats, overweight, poorroutine in Treats
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I think you need to have a conversation with your Dad about the health risks that go along with her being overweight. He needs to understand that all those treats are not doing her any favor no matter how much he loves her. Buy some toys that he can use to play with her that will help her to get some exercise and give him the opportunity to show his love by paying attention to her and playing with her instead of giving treats. A laser toy, a stick with feathers on it, things like that are fun for her and require him to play along. And cut back the treat routine to one treat each time. You said she is used to the routine and that's fine. She can have a treat, but just one at a time to start to break the habit for both of them.

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