my cay is 9yrs has started attacking growling and hissing at friends and is petrified of children, she will wee asscared

ive seen a vet and have purchased pet remedy plug ins hoping this will help and she becomes just like a ferel cat the vet gave her full bill of health she is indoor not outdoor cat

Asked by Member 1157080 on Feb 26th 2013 Tagged catferelattackinggrowlinghissingkidsadults in Behavior & Training
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Your vet can also give you medications that will help calm your cat or even anti-anxiety medications such as Prozac that may help her.

Something caused this sudden change in her behavior. Sudden loss of vision or hearing, either partial or total, can cause behavior changes. Are her hearing & vision still normal?

Most likely something happened that either hurt or badly frightened your cat. My suspicion is that some child or children did something that either hurt her, abused her, or terrified her. For example, grabbing her ears or tail, poking a finger in her eye, throwing a toy at her, or even accidentally tripping over her and falling on her is a traumatic experience for a cat & could be the root cause of the cat's behavior change & fear reaction.

Children when interacting with pets should always be supervised by adults. A child must be taught how to respect & properly interact with a pet.

Let your cat hide somewhere such as under a bed & be left alone when you have guests.

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