My cats poo smells bad.

I have recently noticed that my cats poo is really smelly and loose. She has also started farting a lot which also smells really bad. Otherwise she seems ok, full of energy, eating and drinking well. We give her a good quality dry cat food and can't understand why this is happening. Any ideas ?

Asked by Member 1159354 on Mar 19th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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She could have a parasite, like giardia, or worms. If you have a good relationship with a vet, you may be able to just provide a stool sample to check that out, without having to bring in the cat. Otherwise, a vet visit might be needed to check this out. Could be a food allergy, maybe they are not tolerating the food. I always tell people to look into and read up on a wet food diet, or at least partially a wet food diet, dry food I believe is the cause of so many issues down the road with cats, especially causing UTI's and kidney failure. Wet food is so much better, even a lower quality one like fancy feast is better than an all dry diet. One of my cats will get diarrhea with certain foods, he is very sensitive. A friends cat has diarrhea with every cat food except for Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea cat food. Turns out her cat has lots of food allergies. There have been cat food recalls lately, make sure you are not feeding one of those brands, bad food can cause this too

Beep answered on 3/19/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Our cat did the same and we found he did have Giardia. Our vet said to take care with washing your hands after handling the cat and be cleanly with his litter box. With medication and another test he was clear. Our vet also said he might be allergic to something in the cat food as the poo problem still occured. A good way is give him a food without a lot of indredients. We switched to Natural Balance with the limited ingredients, Duck & Pea. In a short time his poo turned to normal and not so smelly. We give him wet but also have a small bowl of dry at all times. It's a good way for those days you have to leave him and wont be there to feed the wet. Our vet said that was a good way to do it.

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