my cats having her first litter, what can i do to help?

my cat is having kittens right now, its her first litter, what can i do to help & howlong willit take?

Asked by Member 631548 on May 10th 2008 in Pregnancy
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Tinker Bell 2003-2006

"howlong willit take?"
It depends on how many kittens there are. I believe that the norm is one kitten born every half hour. You need to be with your cat at this time, just incase a complication comes up. Have a phone handy so that you can call the vet in the worse-case scenario. Good luck, you're going to need it.
P.S. This is your cat's first litter? Does that mean that you bred her on purpose and/or plan to do it again? Please don't. For the sake of your cat. Please get her spayed after this litter. She will live healthier and longer if you do. No offense meant at all, but it is obvious that you didn't do much, if any, studying before going through with this. Next time, please extensively study for two years first. I hope for your cat's sake that she is two years old or older. It is unhealthy for the cat to breed her before she is 2 years old.
A common motive to breeding for many people is the lure of money. Actually, it is very rare that you make money if you do it the right way. What with the vet visits, deworming, providing enough food, stud fee, health testing (NOT the same as a vet visit), etc.
Good luck once again and we would like to be updated on how the cat and her kittens are doing from time to time, pleas

Tinker Bell 2003-2006 answered on 5/10/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Actually there is nothing normal about a kitten coming into the world in 1/2 hour intervals. Sweet Pea was a year old for her first litter and they popped out so fast that I had to cut cords and my pomranins helped in the cleaning while mom was still working on the 1st one.

I wasn't here when Sweet Pea and Freckles gave birth - I was in California. Didn't get back till they were almost 2 weeks old. But, my house setter said that Sweet Pea delivered 6 in 15 minutes and Freckles delivered 5 in 6 minutes - he helped cut cords and the dogs helped in the cleaning again. Sweet Mary had 3 in 10 minutes.

Really depends on the cat, her health condition and her age.

Spirit answered on 5/11/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Elvira (In loving memory)

I agree with the person above.. but it really depends upon the size of the litter, size of the cat (age), etc...

Some cats (as above) have their kittens pretty quickly. I had a cat years ago that gave birth and took 2 hrs. But that included labor (if i remember correctly). I remember it probably took her about 20 minutes or so (its been about 4 yrs) for her to give birth to 5 kittens. LEt her have a dark place to be if she decides.. tho my cat gave birth on my bed. But where ever she decides unless its dangerous let her.. if ur worried about something getting ruined put an old towel or blanket under her.

Elvira (In loving memory) answered on 5/11/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Dulci (In Loving Memory - you

Tinker bell is passionate, but i have to say I'm dubious of her answers and her implied risks to your cat.

Birth is normal, and cats really often do not want anyone around them at this time. perhaps check in on her, but when a cat is being "mom", instincts from millions of years take over, and she wants to make sure her kittens are safe. If she decides you are a threat, she may hide the kittens, even as she is birthing them.

Good luck! kittens are such a joy.

P.S. not to be rude but the "you need to study for two years" or that it's dangerous for a cat under 2 to have kittens is something pulled out of the blue, and really isn't an appropriate answer to the question asked.

Dulci (In Loving Memory - you answered on 5/12/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer