My cats got into a fight?!

Sylvester seems to be fairly okay although his one ear is red and irritated looking and a couple scratches. More worried about Greyson, who has an eye problem now. He doesn't seem too sensitive to light and although hard to tell, I don't think he's in too much pain. His one eye (left) doesn't want to open a whole not. It's not swollen shut because he does open it from time to time a little bit. It's hard to tell but it doesn't look all glazed or white, just a tad goopy. He has this clear mucus stuff dropping out. I take a tissue and and wipe it with warm water, but he doesn't really like that much. They both have a fairly good appetite still and I'm unable to take them to the vet unless its life/ blind threatening. Is there anything I can do for ten at home? (I'm only 12, and my parents hate these cats so I'm really the one taking care of them) they are both make and are about 8 or 9 months old. (Brothers).

Asked by Member 1208749 on Jan 10th 2014 Tagged cats, male, injury, health, eye, ear, help, serious in Health & Wellness
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