My cats are fighting when we leave them home alone, but not when we're home...

I have 3 cats at home. 2 of them have gotten along fine for years, but they started fighting within the last few months. It all started after one of the cats had dental surgery and then when he came home smelling different the other cat attacked him. They never fought once before that. It's better now than it was because they don't fight at all when we're home (they used to fight if they were just in the same room). However, if we leave them home alone together for even an hour or two, they get into huge scraps (blood and hair). How can we get them to get along when we're not home? Why are they fighting when we're away, but not when we're home? For example, the night before their last fight, they were cuddling together on the couch and grooming each other. The next day when we left them alone for one hour, we came home to see that they got into a huge scrap. Help!

Asked by Member 1165817 on Apr 18th 2013 Tagged fighting in Aggression
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