My Cat won't come inside the house anymore, even for food.

We have had him and his brother since they were kittens. He used to be an indoor/outdoor cat and would sleep with us at night. About 1.5 months ago he refused to come inside the house. He is friendly with us outside but panics if I bring him inside- even for food. He won't eat and will just start crying to get out.

Asked by Member 289151 on Jun 16th 2009 Tagged fearofhouse in Fears & Phobias
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It sounds like something really scared him about 1.5 months ago and he's scared to come in now. Do you know what it could have been?

If it was a person or another pet he may be scared because they are still there. If he seems nervous of a particular person in the house you should quiz them to find out what happened in case they were being mean to him. If you have any roommates or someone who could have hurt him ditch them asap if you discover anything or get a bad feeling.

You can try to lure him back in by leaving the back door open so he doesn't feel trapped and use treats or his favorite food to encourage him to come back in. Start with the favorite food just on the door step and gradually bring it a bit further inside each time. Make sure he always has a clear escape route so he doesn't feel trapped. Over time you should be able to get him to become more comfortable in the house again and will hopefully get over his fear.

Gogo answered on 6/16/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


maybe someone else started to feed him. he could have even met a friend whos said something bad about houses or something. I almost lost Cleo because she made a friend who told her I was bad or something. All I know is she didnt want to be near us when he was around. She was spayed, has he been nuetered? cats who havnt been nuetered tend to wander. its not uncommom. he may even perfer out doors over inside. My cat Scrufferz was an adopted stray and he grew up out side so he tends to wander, but he does come around for food. those are just possible ideas. when hes around bring him some food out side in bowl and every so offten bring it closer to your house. just be sure to bring it back in with you when it looks like hes had his fill! you wouldnt want unnessesary attention from other cats or racoons.

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