My cat used to cuddle and like to be loved when she was little fast forward a year and now she doesn't want to be held.

Athena used to like being held and loved. Now she wants down asap. I can not get her to let me hold her or pet her very much at all. Just for a few seconds and then she tries to jump down. I really need help with this.

Asked by Member 1130107 on Sep 10th 2012 Tagged loving, petting, holding in Socialization
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Izadore (Izzie)

Cats, like people, all develop personalities as they grow up and mature. When I first adopted Delilah, she was a biter. Now, there are times she just won't leave me alone, headbonking, etc. Chances are that because Athena is "grown-up" now, she no longer sees you as her mama cat and she's ready to be on her own, so to speak. Cats are notorious for being independent. I guess that's why we have dogs 8o) Also, most cats don't like to be held down or restrained or have their feet off the ground. It makes them feel like they aren't in control. Let Athena come up to you when she feels like it. Talk kindly and softly to her but don't try to grab her. Sometimes Izzie is in such a mood that about all I can do is "skritch" him behind the ears for a second and move on. If I dare to kiss or cuddle him, he'll grooom himself for half an hour and doesn't THAT make me feel good! ;-) But he sleeps with and someone ON me and follows me all over. I know he love me, but he just doesn't like to be cuddled

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Izzie is right here,Batfink has gone through the same change and as Izzie has said its natural and ive had to come to terms with it too, i respect his private space now, and look for indicators that he doesnt want to be touched ( he now has a special meow noise that specifically means ''GET OUT OF MY FURRY FACE!'' ). Batfink will sneak up to me when no ones around, then proceed to drool all over me, head but me, roll about on the floor purring, but this is a rare occasion....that i love. hope you are well

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