My cat Taz is 6years old and started humping me a couple of years ago I push him off and he meows strange at me, now he

Is my cat trying to mate with me. This is is getting old if not me the pillows or the other cats. He has been fixed since he was 6 months old he started this a couple of years ago he used to climb on my chest while asleep put nose in my arm pit and the back leg would start to go. I will push him off and he will give you this weird meow. What's up with this!?

Asked by Member 1109367 on May 5th 2012 Tagged cat in Cats & Kids
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Nothing to be alarmed over. Cats have different personalitys and dispositions that vary just as much as peoples do. But unlike humans with the same traits, there's no harm, no fowl. LOL. Let Kitty be Kitty. Its totally innocent actions from a free spirit. He will eventually grow out of it. Never regect love in any form. Besides he just may be dreaming he's chasing a rabbit. Don't flatter yourself

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