My cat still has lesions and ulcers in his mouth after the full mouth extraction...Need Help...

I have 6 years old male siamese cat. He has diagnosed with stomatitis 15 months ago. I tried everything but
nothing worked. So he had full mouth extraction 6 months ago... It seemed like it worked but then lesions came back again. Vet checked again with x-rays and saw a little tooth fragment stayed there so he had second surgery 3 months ago again. He has still lesions and It seems like he is in pain lately again. He is drooling and gagging sometimes. I live in another country and we have no experienced dental vet here.Before the surgery I used steroids for a while but at the end he had diabetes... Finally he is not suffering from diabetes now...(knock the wood) so I have no chance to use steroids now... I dont know what to do. I really need help... Thank You...

Asked by Member 1111249 on May 17th 2012 Tagged felinestomatitis, fullmouthextraction in Dental Care
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A very technical, but informative, article.

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