My cat keeps attacking and biting me.

Atticus is a year and a half old, and in the past few months, he has started "lion attacking" (as i call it because it was cute as first). He sinks his teeth in now, and when i try to tell him no and push him away, it intices him more, and he attacks even more angrily. He is not attention starved, in fact he gets more than any cat i know. This happens a lot at night, but it starting to happen through out the whole day now. I've tried time outs, I've tried kicking him out of my room at night (he just scratches the door until I open back up). I am desperate for some help please!

Asked by Member 1062152 on Oct 8th 2011 Tagged biting, attacking in Behavior & Training
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He's probably not attacking more and more angrily- he probably just thinks that you're playing along and it's okay to escalate the play. Oftentimes kittens with no littermates or who didn't spend enough time with their moms have trouble understanding boundaries.

Of course you can't smack him one like an annoyed momma cat would to get him to back off but you can do what she would do before resorting to smacking him- hiss! If he starts biting too hard give him a good loud hiss, opening your mouth real wide like an angry cat and if that doesn't stop him give him a squirt with clean water in a clean water bottle or squirt gun or lock him out of the room and -don't- let him back in. If you have to kick him out and he won't stop scratching the door try getting a motion-activated spray can (SSSCAT brand works great) to teach him to avoid the area when the door is shut. You'll feel silly doing cat impersonations and booby-trapping your house, but cats don't speak the language of time-outs!

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Izadore (Izzie)

If Atticus spent his first months with you learning that it was OK and even "cute" as you say, to bite and claw at you, he doesn't understand that as time has passed and he's grown up, he's taken it to a new and painful level and all of the sudden it's not OK anymore. He may not confine his "play" to you and one day may bite a child or elderly person and he'll get the reputation of being a "not nice" kitty. When he does bite (Izzie hunts "bedmice", feet and toes under the bedcovers), keep a soda can with a few coins in it by the bed. Shake it vigorously at him and said "NO BITE!!!". You can do this whenever he attacks. Make certain that you and anyone else does not play with him with your hands and/or feet. Use strictly hands-off toys with him such as feather teasers and toys on a rope he can stalk and attack. He is more than likely one confused little boy and he needs to be kindly and patiently retrained.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 10/10/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer