My cat is licking her fur off and wagging her tail constantly

I have a seven year old female cat. About two months ago I moved into a new apartment. She seems much happier now that she is the only pet around, but she has started licking her fur constantly. Her stomach is bare and she's starting to develop a few scabs. She is also constantly wagging her tail. Sometimes it doesn't seem to be an annoyed wagging, but she still does it. Licking off all of her fur has caused her to have really bad hairballs. I'm not sure if it is related to all of this or might be due to the fact that two male cats were recently over, but she has been urinating in the same area on our wall. She urinated on shoes and a shirt, and directly on the wall. I have been treating her for fleas although I have not found a single flea on her or myself. I haven't changed her diet. I am planning on seeing a vet but would like to try other options first.

Asked by Member 1054825 on Sep 10th 2011 Tagged licking, wagging, skin in Skin Problems
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Please don't delay taking her to the vet. I'm not sure why you would want to try other "options" before getting her the medical attention she obviously needs. Something is wrong with her and it's causing multiple problems. Overgrooming to the point of injury is not normal, scabs on the stomach are not normal, excessive hairballs are not normal, sudden inappropriate urination is not normal. None of these things indicate a "happy" cat. You need to get her some help, and you need to do it now!

I also don't understand why you're treating her for fleas when you've seen no evidence of fleas. You don't say what treatment(s) you're using, but since you haven't taken her to the vet, it must be something you got over the counter. It is my understanding that some over the counter flea remedies can be harmful to cats. Whatever it is, stop using it, and get the poor dear in to a vet NOW. She can't get medical attention for herself. It is your responsibility to get it for her.

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