My cat is itching a lot, but there is no trace of fleas, flea dirt, flea eggs, bites or injuries; what is it?

My cat has been itching herself a lot lately. I thought maybe it was just dry skin and changed her water more frequently as well as gave her a nicer cat food for coat health, but she is still itching. The other day she was missing a patch of fur around her neck, and today she is missing a line of hair on the back of her ear. However, I checked her coat with a comb and found no flea material (she is given a flea spot monthly as well, as we've experienced the nightmare before), fleas, or sores; just light peachy skin.

Does anyone know what else might cause her to itch so much to pull her hair out? Thanks for reading.

Asked by Momo on Jul 17th 2014 Tagged skin, itching, scratching, hair, fur, loss, fallingout in Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

There are a couple of things that I can think of. First, if you haven't, switch to free and clear everything in your home. No more potpourri, scented candles, dryer beads, flowery fragrance cleaners, etc. Then, if you give back of the neck flea medicine, it may have absorbed into her collar. Give her a new collar and when you apply, go lower between the shoulder blades. Next, apply Dermasol or Sulfodene spray or gel to the affected areas. Greenies SmartBites make Healthy Skin and Fur treats that come in salmon and chicken flavors. Finally, if you do all of this and do not see an improvement within a month and a half, take her to the vet for a skin scraping. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on Jul 18th.

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