My cat holds my hair in his mouth.

I got my 2 cats (they are br I others) at 8 weeks old. One cat Zim, immediately started pawing & nestling in my hair. I would always remove him and say no. At night he would lay beside my head and put a few strands in my hair and sleep beside me all night without waking me so it became hard to discourage the habit. Zim loves playing with his brother, but every day I come home he makes a b-line to me and tries to hold some of my hair in his mouth, he never tries to chew it. It seems to be the only way he purrs. I figured this habit would die when he became an adult. He's about 3 yrs now and tries to get to my hair at least 8 times a day. I guess I've gotten use to it, but I just wish he could be as happy when people pet him as he looks with holding my hair in his mouth. Is this a common cat behavior for anyone else?

Asked by Member 1195744 on Oct 23rd 2013 Tagged humanhair, behavior, wierd in Other Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

My friend has a tonk, and he jumps up on a credenza chest-height and smells entrants' hair! One cannot enter their home without the one cat's blessing of a hair smell. He would take longer than a minute if I let him... probably more like ten! His name is Jake and he loves smelling and licking the hair of newcomers. Sometimes my cats will lick my hair, and Pookie used to chew on my hair years ago when it was longer, for fun. This is not abnormal, but is a cat fetish that only some animals appreciate. Let your cat have his fun as long as he's not hurting anyone. I wouldn't let him do it if you have hair products in like balm or gel that he could ingest and get sick from, however. ^_^

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