My cat has been attacking my dog and my dog has been fighting back. We separated them but need to reunite them. How?

They have lived together for 9 years peacefully. My dog is 14 and we want to bring her home with us. We are fearful though that the fighting will start again. The cat has been to the vet and found nothing that would cause the sudden aggression toward the dog. I would be so happy to learn of a way to reunite my cat and my dog, as this has been extremely stressful. Please help!

Asked by Member 1155512 on Feb 16th 2013 Tagged aggression, attack, reunite, dog in Behavior & Training
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Angel Buddha

Have your dog vet checked as well. SOMETHING happened to change your dog & cat's relationship & trigger fighting. It's possible your dog developed a medical problem that makes her smell & behave differently than normal. You also mention your dog is away from home. If the fighting began after your dog came home from somewhere, the cat may have been reacting to strange scents on your dog.Perhaps something scared the cat & the cat thought the dog did it. Did your vet check your cat's vision & hearing to make sure they still are normal? Vision or hearing losses in an older pet can make that pet nervous, fearful, and more easily startled. These are just some things that can cause such changes in behavior as you describe between pets who have previously lived together peacefully.

You may have to reintroduce your cat & dog to each other by keeping one of them shut up in a room or cage & rotating them so they can see, smell & hear each other but not fight,until they get reacquainted.

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