Jesse L. Martin

My cat has an abscessed fang, and the vet said the safer option was to let it fall out naturally?

My cat has an abscessed fang, and the vet said she didn't recommend pulling it.
He's 11 years old, and a big dude (19 lbs) and has chronic breathing problems. The vet said that she thought putting him under and pulling his tooth was too risky, and that the safer option was to let his body push the tooth out. It is very loose, and she said it would fall out soon. She actually said, "this is what would happen if he was in the wild."
She sent me home with some antibiotics (clavamox) and that was it. He's not eating as much, and drooling on that side. Is this common in older cats? Has anyone else had a vet say that a tooth shouldn't be pulled?

Asked by Jesse L. Martin on May 6th 2014 Tagged abcessedtooth in Dental Care
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Angel Buddha

Unfortunately, such a problem is common in cats. With your cat's age and breathing problems, anesthetic would be risky. The antibiotics will clear up the abscess. If the tooth is very loose, you may be able to pull it out yourself. I have an old cat with a similar problem and his fang just fell out on its own.

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