My cat goes from purring on my chest to drawing blood very quickly. Please help!

He's almost 2 and has lived in the same apartment the majority of his life. He's neutered and declawed in the front. Negative behavior is heightened when my girlfriend is over (which is usually ~5 days a week).

To punish him I put him in his travel cage for 15-20 minutes. He calms down, but goes back to being aggressive not too long after. If I catch him before he attacks I'll just shoo him away until he returns with his ears back up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Member 1146674 on Dec 26th 2012 Tagged actingout, aggression, biting, moodswings in Behavior & Training
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Okay, a few things jump out at me right away. Firstly, I do not recommend using your travel case for punishment. You want your cat to associate his cage with good experiences so when you need to take him to the vet or on a trip he is calm. Secondly, 20 minutes is far too long to "punish" a cat. When cats act out, even aggressively, they are not doing so out of hate or spite, punishing them is just confusing for them and can actually cause them to experience more anger and present more aggression. Your problem sounds like a simple case of aggressive territorial behavior. When your girlfriend visits your cat preceives it as her encroaching on his territory. What you need to do is show him that your girlfriend is not a threat and can actually be fun to be around. Try having your girlfriend, on her own, seek out non threatening play activities with him. Get out his favorite teaser toy and treats and let her show him she doesn't mean to take anything away from him. Good luck!

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