Olive (Ollie)

My cat attacks my hands?

She usually is playful, and depending on the time of day, she is cuddly. When she does want to play she is usually willing and able to play with the toys, but sometimes she will ONLY attack my hands. Like she would attack my hands and to get her off I would try to make her play with the toy, but she would ignore the toy and just keep jumping and biting at my hands. How do I get her to stop?!?!

Asked by Olive (Ollie) on Jun 3rd 2014 Tagged toys, hands, attack, play, aggressive in Aggression
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Bezalel Tiger

First off, teach her what NO means; all of my cats understand but Orion, and his word is Stop because his name rhymes with no. Cats need limits. I have a kitten who tries to walk on the keyboard while I am blogging... she just wants attention too. Luckily she sleeps a lot (like right now), but getting attention can become a habit. Here are a few things that you can try: play classical, instrumental or mellow music for her, play the cat Sitter DVD for cats for her, or buy her another cat condo with a view of outside in a prime bird watching position from above. You can also give her a couple of treats like Greenies or Smart Bites for every 1/2 hour that he leaves you undisturbed (in a different location, or he will come looking for snacks!) Finally, if you are going to arm wrestle, use a dish glove. Then, nobody gets hurt and when the glove comes off, playtime is done. ^_^

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