Captain Jack

My black cat isn't always black...

My 2 year old male Angora is black- even half of the inside of his mouth- but when he lays in the sunlight his fur looks very red! I am not crazy... What color is my cat lol?? Do Angora "come in" sable?

Asked by Captain Jack on Dec 19th 2012 Tagged color, coat, black in Breeds A-H
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Well I'd like to start out and say that "black is not a color" its more like a shade of dark brown on cats. I have two black cats and also in the light they appear to be a redish-brown. Its true. In all truth there are no black cats, but like I already said they are shades of dark brown. You can view any black cat in the light and see some sort of grey or brown or red and they can be mixed. I have heard this from many people, but I could be wrong. It makes sense though. :)

Marble answered on 12/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer