My adult cat has started having terrible diarrhea since adopting a new kitten 2 weeks ago. Why is this happening?

- My first thought was stress, since my adult cat "Lula" was meddening initially (meddening is a territorial marking with feces in open spaces), but was corrected by quarantining the kitten for a week and slowly introducing them (I have had the kitten for two weeks now). Lula has been using her litter box again, but hasn't had solid stools for the past several days. She once had diarrhea right outside her litter box, but hasn't done it again. She and the kitten have separate litter boxes in different parts of the houses as well.

Asked by Member 1181244 on Jul 19th 2013 Tagged diarrhea, meddening, newkitten, behavioralissues in Other Health & Wellness
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Bezalel Tiger

While the kitten was not quarantined she could have passed along illness, fungus or a cold to the other cat. If this does not change, get her to a vet because being irritated does not cause diarrhea, but if she ate kitten food or contracted something, that would do it. ^_^

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