My adopted 2 year old cat is afraid of toys!

We adopted a 2 year old fixed and declawed female cat from a shelter 3 months ago. She was abandoned 3 weeks prior and had been at the vets trying to be socialized (was afraid and hid) for 2 weeks before going to the shelter. She is 100% bonded with me only and hides when anyone else tries to go near her (but sleeps with me and follows me around). She also is afraid of every toy I have tried. I have watched Jackson's videos on how to play with cats but when she sees a toy she runs. I'm afraid she's not getting enough stimulation. I've tried self play toys, laser pointer, and Da Bird. My 7 yr old cat plays with everything but this poor baby is just so scared! Is it ok if she is just not interested in playing?

Asked by Member 1147628 on Jan 1st 2013 Tagged toys, fraidycat in Exercise
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When I got one of my cats he had been starved and abused he was so jumpy and nervous. I worried about it for a while but I've had him over two years now and he's fine, if there's any loud noises or new people he will run and hide but soon comes back out. He is still a bit cautious with new toys but over time he starts to get more confident with them, I think it is just a waiting game unfortunately.

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One of my cats, who I've had for 12 years, is not big on playing with toys, but she absolutely loves plastic milk jug rings. I always make sure there are some on the floor for her - she picks them up, tosses them, talks to them, chases them. She also like to chase the Cat Dancer.

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