My 9 month old kitten keeps splashing all the water out of his water dish. How can I stop this.

What he does is splash all the water out of the dish then, if there is any water remaining in the bowl, he bats the dish around the floor until all that water is on the floor.

I had two metal dishes, and just recently I got the dishes that have the plastic rim on the bottom that aren't supposed to be able to move. Yea, those don't work. I want to try and get one of those metal racks, that hold the dishes, but he's a smart cookies and will just figure out how to get that bowl tipped over too.

I don't want him to fear the water, of course, but stop being such a jerk about the water. I feel at times he does this so that my other 10 year old cat can't have any water and I worry about her dehydrating.

I love my cats very much but the Kitten is a jerk. I don't know what to do about the water situations, waking up at 5am and stepping in a puddle on my floor is not my idea of a good morning. Any Ideas?

Asked by Member 1039127 on Jan 2nd 2012 in Other Behavior & Training
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Izadore (Izzie)

What concerns me more than the water dish as a toy issue is that you've called this little guy a "jerk" twice in your question and have accused him of plotting against your older cat. It makes me think you don't have much patience for the kitten when all he's doing is being, well, a kitten. He lives to play and play enthusiastically with whatever is around. If he likes things that move, get him a few ping-pong balls. Get a feather-teaser/fishing pole toy and play with him. A lot of cats are fascinted by water because it's shiny and it moves. You can try purchasing a Drinkwell or Petmate fountain. I have a large one for my dogs that Izzie and Lizzie drink out of. This is pretty heavy and your kitten probably couldn't move it. He may play in the water that flows from the top, but it won't hurt him and any excess will just stay in the bowl. If he loves water that much, try putting a bowl in the tub for him. And please be patient with this little guy. He needs your guidance and love.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 1/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree with Izzie that your patience seems to need work. Your kitten is not a "jerk", and he is not capable of some evil plot to dehydrate your older cat. He's just playing and having fun, which is basically what kittens live for.

Randy is one of many cats that are fascinated by water. He also exhibits similar behavior to what you describe, such as sticking his paws in the water and splashing it around, and then splashing in the puddles. He plays with water drops left in the sink or shower. He supervises when we wash our hands in the bathroom, and "helps" by splashing water all over the counter and mirror. As far as he's concerned, water is a toy as well as a source of hydration. I think it's cute, and wiping up water is a MINOR inconvenience.

If you know that there is going to be a puddle on the floor around his dish, step around it until you can get a towel. You could try putting the water dish inside a shallow tray to catch the water and hold the bowl in a more contained area.

Member 1046384 answered on 1/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Yeah, definitely not a jerk- just your standard issue little twirp, like 90% of kittens under the age of say 2 or 3 years old! He's curious and playful and he trusts you to keep providing water even if he's a goof and wastes what is already there. Try your best to see that for the endearing thing that it is.

We second the recommendation for getting a pet fountain, it's almost impossible for a cat to get all the water out of one of those with a full reservoir, and put it on a towel to catch his splashes if he's still really making a mess and creating a slip hazard.

Remember not to take it personally- this is not a cat who is plotting against you or other cats, he just has a quirk. It could be much worse! Besides, no use crying over spilled water, right?

Cali answered on 1/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Another vote for a drinkwell fountain. I was in the same boat with Smokey...he even played in the toilet!!!
No water dish was safe from him. My first idea was one of those gallon jugs that sits in a stationary dish. Supposed to be spill proof... yeah, right! I came in the room to find Smokey batting the entire gallon jug around the room, spewing water all the while. Next I used a HUGE, HEAVY crock pot liner...they always worked for my water crazed labs, but Smokey just jumped in and splashed all the water out.
When the Drinkwell came I was skeptical... he marched right over to inspect it. BUT...success!!! Occasionally he will play in the stream of water but it stays in the bottom dish. I keep mine in a boot tray to prevent any splashes.
The other day I left a four quart metal dish of water on my kitchen floor while I washed the Drinkwell fountain in the dishwasher. Smokey marched over and immediately tipped it over, looked up at me and I swear, he laughed!!!

Member 641257 answered on 1/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer