Tempest * Angel, Rainbow Bridg

My 4yr old russian blue mix has become v ery handshy and aggressive why?

Ok my 4year old russian blue mixed cat temepst has been for the past couple years a very handshy and aggressive cat. I have asked so many questions on here about it and to my vets and local surrounding vets spent lots of money to find out why she is like she is.... no answers.. She wont let me come near her just runs away.. I have to get her when i need to.. when I do have her in my arms she fights me makes all kinds of destressing mews and claws and bites me. I dont know why she does this i would like some answers. When I have to put her in her cat carrier its tooth and nail. Its bothering me alot when she is like this.. I got her when she was a small tiny kitten. She has 4 other Sisters ranging in age, but she gets along with them from what i have seen over the years. Tempest has not gained weight over the years has stayed at a constant 7lbs. She is healthy from what my vet has stated and eats so much, She is on purina Cat chow natural food. they get wet food off and on. treats

Asked by Tempest * Angel, Rainbow Bridg on Oct 13th 2008 in Illness & Disease
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