My 39 week kittenh keeps scratching and attacting my old cat, who hides when this happens. She has had several cuts ove

My question is how to get the kitten to stop scratching my older cat who just hides under the bed. My kitten was found when she was 4 weeks old, abandoned. I don't know anything about her mother's treatment of her.

Asked by Member 1114700 on Jun 8th 2012 Tagged scratching, aggressive in Aggression
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Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

There is the answer right there. She never learned any Cat-Etiquette!
Kittens need their mothers to teach them how to act with other cats that is more body language than meows and hisses.
You did not say how old your other cat was but if he is much over 7-8 adapting to a kitten is very rough due to the difference in energy levels. Mix in a kitten who does not know when to stop, and, you have an unhappy elder.
It sounds like at the minimum they should be segregated when no one is home. Put a litter pan and water in one room to keep kitten. Introductions are also very important for good interaction. There are great resources on the web. Here too. Go to Forums and check out Behavior_and_Training. Ask and you shall meow.
It may be best to adopt another younger cat. If that is an option. That is what Pops did for Buddy-Bud cause I have the same issue. No Mom.
(Sinister Meow)Mwrowr-rowr-rowr!!
Just kidding. Check out my page for what Pops did.
Purrs and head bumps

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