My 2 year old cat has been eating only dry food and will not eat any of wet food of any kind.

Vet suggested wet food or keep him hungry till he eats wet food. He has not eaten for a day now. I am worried he may become aggressive from hunger or get sick.
should I keep him hungry till he eats or give the dry food that he likes

Asked by Member 1133194 on Sep 28th 2012 in Food & Nutrition
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Oh the infamous Cat food strike, Cats are SO stubborn when it comes to getting what they want, if it does get bad, i would feed him, as long as there is plenty fresh water available and he is eating a high standard balanced food, my three kitties are on a mix of wet and dry right now, ive slowly increased the wet food over the past few months and they have adjusted could try to introduce wet gradualy instead of a major change, most cats detest change of any kind, i would try to mix some wet with dry or something that worked well for me, was to add tiny bit of water to his dry food untill it becomes more gravy like, and just Gradually increase the water, then mix in the wet, and eventually offer the wet, it may be the texture, or it may be the brand, try buying some different brands and see if he likes them. hope it goes okay! all the best!

Batfink answered on 9/30/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer