My 2 cats are indoor only cats, yesterday another cat came up to our front door and then my 2 cats turned on each other.

Soon after the female cat returned to normal, but now it's the next day and the male is still going crazy. Last night he was acting like the cat from Pet Cemetery. This morning he still is hissing and growling at myself and my girlfriend. This is upsetting my g/f significantly because he is like "her" cat and normally he loooooves her. Whenever the male sees the female he loses it. So for now I have them separated. They have had fights before and I usually just separate and they calm down. What is different this time is the male is extremely aggressive towards us.

Has anyone had this situation before? I hope our cat is not permanently scarred by this.



Asked by Member 1066723 on Oct 27th 2011 Tagged fights, redirectedaggression in Aggression
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Don't worry about your cat being permanently scarred. The same scenario happened to me years ago, except in my case I happened to be the one that was, uhm, let's say scratched up a bit (lol). It took a good week for my cat to stop hissing/growling/spitting at me or staring at me -- although I was partially to blame as well as this experience spooked me as well and cats are very good at sensing our emotions, especially fear. So as difficult as it may be at first, try your best to relax as much as possible around your cat and do not push him to interact with you ... let him come to you when he is ready. Act as normal as possible around him and be patient. In no time everything will be back to normal. Good Luck!

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