My 13 week old kitten has "accidents" on the bed at night, what can I do?

My 13 week old kitten hardly has any accidents outside of her litter box. However some nights she enjoys playing in the box (literally rolling around in it), and then coming up on to our bed to relieve herself! She doesn't have trouble using her box any other time of the day, and only has these accidents once or twice a week! I am sure to wash my blankets and I have a protection sheet as well on my mattress, that is suppose to prevent moisture, (sweat, spills ect) from getting inside. the mattress itself. is there anything else I can do to get her to stop having these accidents?

Asked by Benz on Dec 2nd 2012 Tagged night, accidents, litterbox in Kittens
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Izadore (Izzie)

It's possible that your baby gets so engrossed in playtime that she doesn't want to take time out to use the box and she waits too long. When you notice her using her box for a fun albeit 'icky' playground, remove her from the box and distract her with some toys. I don't think she's marking by peeing. I think she just may not be mature enough yet. If she's not spayed, she needs to be. Just to make sure she doesn't have any infection or issues with her "plumbing", you may want to contact her vet so that it can be taken care of now before it becomes a lifelong issue.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Dec 3rd.

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