My 12-yr-old cat kept pacing non-stop even though he was so tired and weak. Eventually he became rather disoriented I ha

PansyFace had IBD all his life and was on prednisolone for years. He also developed serious pancreatitis before he started his pacing. The vet said to let him pace as long as he was not bumping into things.
His appetite was great and seemed very alert until the last 2 days! Can someone tell me what could have caused PansyFace to start pacing and to eventually become disoriented? He was simply too sick for me to consider any more invasive brain scans or tests to prolong his suffering.

Asked by Member 1194584 on Oct 30th 2013 Tagged ibd, pancreatitis, constantpacing in Illness & Disease
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Panda Bear

Pookie had brain damage from strokes and would wander around in circles. One bad stroke took out her hindquarters at the end, and that was it... I could not watch her suffer and put her down a day later, which the vet confirmed was the correct action for her. I was devastated. Sometimes it was horrible watching her bump into everything, circling only one way; I'd try to stop her but she was like a wind-up toy. You will know when it is time- there is nothing beneficial about watching a living thing deteriorate, whether feline, canine or human. That's why cats and dogs wander away to die if they have the chance, but indoor pets cannot do this. Just enjoy the last bits of time that you have together while your pet is lucid. When something seems really different or you notice some paralysis, a vet visit is in order. Keep the number of an emergency vet handy because these things can come on unexpectedly. G_d bless... ^_^ Meow to the world

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