My 12 year old cat Pandora wants to eat all the time, but she's losing weight. Could it be because she's getting older?

I am worried it could be diabetes or a thyroid problem. But, other than that, she still is playful and still jumping on the kitchen table.

Asked by Member 352724 on Dec 22nd 2007 in Senior Pet
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Mozza (forever loved)

You've already answered your question without realising it. Yes, older cats can lose weight BUT it's because they're the ones more liable to develop hyperthyroidism. Diabetes is also a possibility & both definitely warrant a thorough vet checkup. Senior pets should be checked at least once a year & even twice as they get older. Problems can develop quickly.

It's also good for you to know that in senior cats, T4 levels will normally be lower so if Pandora's is in the higher end of normal, it's quite likely she has hyperT. Ask for a "free T4" check as it's the most sensitive way of checking in older cats. More info is available here-
Feline Hyperthyroidism:
to help you understand this.

Untreated hyperT can cause other major health issues so please get Pandora checked & let me know how she did. I get concerned for older kitties & wish them good health.

Mozza (forever loved) answered on Dec 22nd.

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I'm glad you brought up this question in concern for your older cat. You might have even already answered the question yourself already!

Eating and not gaining proper weight is definitely a sign of a problem. As cats get older, unlike dogs, they tend to get a hyper-active thyroid that causes their metabolism to spike and their food to just "pass" through them without being absorbed to maximum potential.

But this isn't necessarily Pandora's (only) problem. There are many other things it could be. It could be cancer or a digestive issue.

To be safe, get Pandora's blood screened by your veterinarian. Also get her urine and stool sample checked. As cats get older, they require more veterinary care. Ideally, they should be getting two blood draws per year. So if she ever does develop a problem, you can catch it early and treat it if not cure it.

Good luck with Pandora! We hope she'll be back to her normal self ASAP!

Member 409208 answered on 12/22/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer