Mother cat has a temperature, kittens not weaned...

My cat had kittens 5 1/2 weeks ago. Everything was fine but now the weather has become hot, she was acting strange. We took her to the vets and they said she had a temperature. They gave her an injection and a syrup to make the temperature go down.

However, the bigger problem is that the vet said the mother cat cannot be nursing the kittens whilst she is taking this medicine, and that they should be weaned by now anyway. Unfortunately they're not and we have been leaving wet food out, even mixed with kitten milk and have tried separating them. One of the kittens will eat solids sometimes but still goes to his mum for milk.

I don't want mama cat to become ill, but they're all in one big room and she doesn't want to go anywhere else, only outside. How do we wean the kittens, they don't want to know about food and cry for their mum.. the vet said be firm and separate them but the space is limited plus when they cry she wants to go back to them and feed them...

Asked by Member 1121262 on Jul 25th 2012 Tagged nursing, ill, weaning in Food & Nutrition
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If you want your mama cat to get better and the kittens to start eating normal food you have to be stern and follow what your veterinarian said. The kittens will cry, and mama will try to go feed them but you are the adult and the responsible one who has to make sure things are all ok in the end. The kittens don't want to know about food yet because every time they cry, they eventually get what they want. Suppose you know that if you keep asking someone for 50 dollars, and they eventually give in and give it to you every time, would you ever stop asking? You need to be firm and keep them separated. Keep at it with the canned wet kitten food and eventually the kittens will be hungry enough to try it out. You have to keep them separated.
Try keeping them from eating for a few hours and then offering a small amount of slightly warmed up canned kitten food. Take a little and put it on their paws so they will have to lick it off.

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