More kittens?

In February, I adopted two cats that were from the same litter. They are both males. They are between 6 months and one year old but we don't know how old they are exactly. They are not very friendly though, I think they spent too much time outside. Anyway, now a friend of ours has two kittens that he found and is trying to find a home for them. If was wondering since I got my first two in a pair is it better to take the second group in a pair or will one just be ok? I don't know what to do as I don't have that much space but am hoping to adopt this kitten in the hopes that it will be friendlier.

Asked by Member 1174552 on Jun 9th 2013 Tagged kittens, litters, pairs, adoptinginpairs, adopting in Other Adoption & Rescue
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Panda Bear

Hello, it's not advisable to adopt on the basis of what you hope their personality will be like. You have to spend time with who you already have adopted to make them more affectionate. If you get two more and then ignore the other two, how do you think that will make them feel? They will gang up on the two newbies in a heartbeat. It's time for you to start bonding with your OWN cats. Play with them, give them treats, toys and scratchers. Cats always know who feeds them... ^_^

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