Male cat attacks one of the female cats.

My male cat Panther is always attacking my youngest female(who is older than him). He will start out by grooming her and then start to bite her ears and then grabs her by the back of the neck and pins her down. They used to get along just fine. You would never see them apart. Panther is about 8 months old and neutered. Medium is just about 11 months old and also fixed. I am not understanding what is going on and why he does this. She does absolutely nothing to provoke this or does she defend herself. Please help.

Asked by Medium on Jun 23rd 2010 in Behavior & Training
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Don't worry! I had this happen with my spayed female and the neighbor's cat who was a neutered male. They were good buddies and all of a sudden after 6 years, my neighbor's cat did the same thing to my cat. He started doing this when his brother passed away. The vet thought it was strange behavior in two fixed cats, but I read up on it and the male is just trying to show his dominance. The male cat never hurt my cat, even though it kind of looked like it at times. She would just tolerate it, and sometimes she would smack him afterwards! It was too funny! Don't worry, I'm sure he won't hurt her. He's just trying to show her who is boss!

answered on Jun 24th.

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