Loose skin under ribs/ abdomen that wasn't there a month ago

I was last home from college a month ago- now back on spring break. I noticed Bandit has a thin band of loose skin hanging off her ribcage and into her abdomen. (I know about the primordial pouch that most cats have; Chester sports a fine black and white pouch.) Bandit does not really have a primordial pouch, just this loose skin around her ribcage that wasn't there a month ago. I wondered if this was cause for concern: my guess is maybe she's dehydrated.

Asked by Bandit on Mar 2nd 2014 Tagged skin, looseskin, loose, flap in Other Health & Wellness
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To check for dehydration, pull the skin over her shoulders upward away from the body. Then release it. The skin should sink right back into place when you release it. If it stays up away from the body or if it sinks back down into place slowly, then your cat is dehydrated.

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