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Looking for non-prescription optons for food.

Hi my mom simply cannot afford the prescription diet I have to be on and she is wondering if there are alternatives that other people have found.

Asked by Nala - In Loving Memory 5/94 - on Sep 16th 2009 Tagged diabetesfood in Diabetes
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Jester (1988-2007)

I read your profile and it sounds like you are diabetic so I assume the prescription food is for that. If so you may be able to switch to regular canned food. Canned food has a lot less carbohydrates than dry food and is a good choice for diabetic cats. Make sure to ask your vet before you do anything especially if you are on meds. Jester had borderline diabetes and on regular canned food it was well controlled.

If you are on a different type of prescription food can you repost your question with more details.

Jester (1988-2007) answered on 9/16/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Hi Nala,
It looks like you were diagnosed with diabetes. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes eating a low carb wet diet is recommended, it doesn't have to be a "prescription" type food. The prescription ones are usually a lower carb food, but not always the best quality and can be expensive. My little boy Gump is diabetic. There is a great website with lots of feline diabetes info, which also has a message board at Click on the message board for support and for questions about anything related to diabetes. There is info there about lower cost low carb wet foods. The catster forum is also good for questions. Also here is another great website with feline nutrition and food info and more
Best wishes :) Diabetes is manageable and many cats can go into remission with proper diet and insulin.

Nadia answered on 9/16/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer