Last week I adopted a 4 yr old cat. How do I introduce her to my older cat?

She was my son's cat and has always been distrustful of strangers. She has been in her own bedroom with food/water/litter box and separated from my older cat. She won't come near me and hides under the bed but plays with me with a string for short periods. I really hope the two cats can get along but he is very territorial and she is so distrustful!

Asked by Midnight on Oct 16th 2012 in Forums
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Slow and steady wins the race. You were smart to separate them - let her get used to the sounds and smells of her new home first before you introduce her to the resident. Make time to sit with her and try to coax her out of hiding - don't reach for her - let her come to you. Try toys, treats, keep it quiet and calm. Once you gain her trust - exchange smells - rub her with a small towel and give it to your resident cat - then do the same with the other. Encourage them to talk and smell under the door. When they reach a calm curiosity - supervised visits - let your resident in the room and let the new kitty roam the rest of the house. Eventually over time the goal is to have them accept each other. It can take weeks - so be patient - you can do it!!! Good luck and paw mail me if you want to chat about it.

Phoebe answered on 10/16/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer